The Shahohassetsu is “the process of drawing the Yumi”.
 “The Hassetsu are not separate from each other, rather are a series of movements that must seem as if flowing consistently from beginning to end.”Shaho
“The rules of Shajutsu accompanying the act of taking the Yumiya and performing Sha”


射法八節    (Shahouhassetsu)

一、足踏み     Ashibumi         Positioning one’s feet at the beginning of the Hassetsu
二、胴造り     Douzukuri         The second step of Hassetsu, composing the body
三、弓構え     Yumigamae         The third step of Hassetsu, arranging and readying the Yumiya with both hands
四、打起し     Utiokoshi         The fourth step of Hassetsu, the first stage of Hikiwake
五、引分け     Hikiwake         The fifth step of Hassetsu, drawing the Yumi
六、会             Kai         The sixth step of Hassetsu, the final posture of Hikiwake
七、離れ         Hanare         The seventh step of Hassetsu, the moment of Hanare
八、残心(残身)     Zanshin         The eighth and final step of Hassetsu, the moment after releasing the Ya

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