Roma Kyudo Kyokai – ローマ 弓道協会

Roma Kyudo Kyokai (ローマ 弓道 協会) si pone l’obiettivo di praticare  il Kyudo in serenità ed armonia coltivando i principi fondamentali quali  verità, virtù e bellezza (Shin 真, Zen 善, Bi 美) che sono alla base di questa arte marziale. La ricerca del centro e l’unificazione delle energie costituiscono il fulcro della pratica al fine di crescere nello studio e nella applicazione del Rei 礼 (la corretta attitudine morale).
Durante le lezioni viene posta particolare attenzione alle posizioni di base (Kihontai), così come vengono insegnate presso la ANKF. In particolare il Taihai (“l’insieme dei movimenti associati all’atto del tiro con l’arco”) rappresenta per noi strumento di crescita e di armonizzazione che ci permette di praticare serenamente anche con tiratori di altri dojo e di differente stile.

Roma Kyudo Kyokai  (ローマ 弓道 協会) aims to practice Kyudo in peace and harmony by cultivating the fundamental principles such as truth, virtue and beauty (真 Shin, Zen 善, Bi 美) who are behind this martial art. The research of the Center and the unification of energy form the core of the practice in order to grow in the study and application of 礼 Rei (the correct moral stance).
During the lessons, particular attention is paid to the basic (Kihontai), as well as taught at the ANKF. In particular Taihai (“all movements associated with the act of shooting with the bow”) represents for us an instrument of growth and harmonization that allows us to practice quietly with other shooters and different style dojo.

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Taihai diagram


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The Seven Principles of Bushido.

2641108_origYamagei Yogo (cir. 1685)
1. 義 Gi: Honesty and Justice
2. 勇 Yu: Bravery, Courage.
3. 仁 Jin: Compassion, Universal Love.
4. 礼 Rei: Right Action, Etiquette.
5. 誠 Makoto: Honesty, Truthfulness.
6. 名誉 Meiyo: Honor, Glory.
7. 忠 Chugo: Devotion, Loyalty.

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2nd Italian National Seminar.


Roma 4-6 May the AIK (Associazone Italiana Kyudo) organized the 2nd Italian National seminar. It has been held at the SHUN PHU KAN kyudojo (Bareggio, Milano) and here You can see some beautiful pictures.

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Principles of Training



Principles of Training,
by Seishinkan Kyudojo

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Kyudo 1936. (with Awa Sensei)


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The Shahohassetsu is “the process of drawing the Yumi”.
 “The Hassetsu are not separate from each other, rather are a series of movements that must seem as if flowing consistently from beginning to end.”Shaho
“The rules of Shajutsu accompanying the act of taking the Yumiya and performing Sha”


射法八節    (Shahouhassetsu)

一、足踏み     Ashibumi         Positioning one’s feet at the beginning of the Hassetsu
二、胴造り     Douzukuri         The second step of Hassetsu, composing the body
三、弓構え     Yumigamae         The third step of Hassetsu, arranging and readying the Yumiya with both hands
四、打起し     Utiokoshi         The fourth step of Hassetsu, the first stage of Hikiwake
五、引分け     Hikiwake         The fifth step of Hassetsu, drawing the Yumi
六、会             Kai         The sixth step of Hassetsu, the final posture of Hikiwake
七、離れ         Hanare         The seventh step of Hassetsu, the moment of Hanare
八、残心(残身)     Zanshin         The eighth and final step of Hassetsu, the moment after releasing the Ya

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Shaho Kun

Kyudomanual Vol. I

ANKF (All Nippon Kyudo Federation)
traduzione di Liam O´Brien 1992

shahokun2Shaho Kun
Principles of Shooting by Master Junsei Yoshimi

The way is not with the bow, but with the bone, which is of the greatest importance in shooting.
Placing spirit (Kokoro) in the center of the whole body, with two thirds of the Yunde (left arm) push the string, and with one third of the Mete (right arm) pull the bow.
Spirit settled, this becomes harmonious unity. From the center line of the chest, divide the left and right equally into the release.
It is written that the collision of iron and stone will release sudden sparks; and thus there is the golden body, shining white, and the half moon positioned in the west.

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Kyudomanual Vol. I
ANKF (All Nippon Kyudo Federation)

traduzione di Liam O´Brien 1992

Record of Etiquette – Truth of Shooting

The shooting, with the round of moving forward or backward can never be without courtesy and propriety (Rei).
After having acquired the right inner intention and correctness in the outward appearance, the bow and arrow can be handled resolutely.
To shoot in this way is to perform the shooting with success, and through this shooting virtue will be evident.
Kyudo is the way of perfect virtue. In the shooting, one must search for rightness in oneself. With the rightness of self, shooting can be realized.
At the time when shooting fails, there should be no resentment towards those who win. On the contrary, this is an occasion to search for oneself.

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